Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Finally have some Arizona weather again .Hopefully We can get up to congress then to Stanton later today . I can get some pictures and show you the sluice on action  the problem has been the Rain and really cold temps the last few days Delayed me getting up and its sunny and nice today and we have had no snow here in the desert but its been cold through the weekend I was up  yesterday out having my coffee in the back yard I noticed The Four Peaks wilderness Area Superstition Mountains had snow on them but its warmed and this morning however its back to sunny again and the snows already gone off the the four peaks and its much warmer today .A lot of folks up there at the camp Lost Dutchmans Mining asoc in Stanton its a branch of GPA Gold prospectors of America have trailers of course bet that heat was on last few nights and a lot of retired couples come out and spend the winter here in there trailers at LDMA kinda nice to see these folks still have the adventure in them at that age they have there atvs to get around and prospect during the day at night they have social activities at the camp.     Good site for tips on buying silver for Investment
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