Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Gold In Washes this is a typical gold bearing wash in the desert west . Gold is not distributed in desert areas like it is in steams rivers its a much
slower process in the desert its alluvial deposits and the lack of rain in these areas or water its the rare flooding of these washes that move new gold in.
A wash might see water here running in it  once or twice in a year here if that then again may not see water for several years at a time so its a much different
than a river and you can dig in one spot and find gold and move just a couple feet away and find none its just harder than river and stream mining there is more to it than following the inside beds of steams out here and many a stream miner has had his problems using the regular methods for river mining in the desert all you need to do is forget about river mining methods and start learning some tricks and the whole new game Desert Mining learn what to look for to spot a good area and get as much information on desert gold prospecting as you can it took me several trips out there before I started having success I get gold every trip out now and I learned a lot just by doing it and getting out there.
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