Tuesday, January 19, 2016

 The First View of Stanton and the gold camps at the base of the mountains as you travel in from Stanton rd the lost Ductchman Mining assoc claims are on the lower flanks up behind the distant buildings. The road then continues to the right at the base of the mountains just out of the picture to the right just a short distance there
would be the old ghost town of octave and the octave mine and the weaver claims along weaver creek.
The LDMA property the lost Ductchman Mining Camp was the Ghost Town Stanton Arizona the gold prospectors of america bought a few years back it they have preserved a few of the original Ghost town buildings and use them for the club
Stanton was a Dangerous place back in the days
shootings murders gangs of thugs and drove many town people out of stanton to nearby octave only a mile away home of the famous octave mine The Queen of the arizona gold mines. Next posts  we will look at the claim pictures and some mining .

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