Friday, January 15, 2016

Hello Got up this morning got back home around 4 pm yesterday  took the 40 minute ride up to Stanton Ritch hill area yesterday morning and octave with my sister. Never checked or got to the clean out from yesterday at all was tired  last night .But got up this morning pulled the small white bucket of cons off the back porch from yesterdays trip first pan found these nice pickers already have more to check .Ended being a nice day and  a good trip the weather was nice sunny saw a bald eagle on the way in . I prefer to use and went with a small recirculating High banker sluice I like using water they can keep those noisy dusty dry washers.Really just plain simple nothing is better than water for getting gold out of material its the best.But you have to haul all the water out there 10 gallons will run mine in a big plastic tote . I have a small re charge able battery it will run it all day long no problem and remember camping out there make sure I might not have mentioned this bring all your water there is none out there nowhere so you have to bring Whatever you need to cook camp its pretty nice belonging to the clubs you can camp right on the claims many guys where doing just that yesterday more pictures of Stanton octave the washes coming up in next posts.

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