Thursday, January 14, 2016

HEADED UP today packed up the Gear this morning put 10 gallons of water for my recirculating sluice in the jeep headed up to the gold fields in stanton for a day out got a lot of good pictures today I will share in the next on coming posts in next few days .Lets start just north of congress the highway here above is just north of the four way stop in  congress Arizona .Follow it north toward the mountains maybe two miles past the bar to the transfer station there  take a right onto the dirt road witch is Stanton Road its pretty much what you see the whole six miles to Stanton just rolling desert wilderness with great views as far as you can see with rugged mountains on your left all the way to Stanton the dirt roads are in pretty good shape.Make sure your vehicles running good not a good place for break down  there is nothing out there at all or any phones so be prepared once your reach stanton there are people there phones for emergencies but along the way its all desert. Its traveled pretty good in late fall winter early spring In summer your taking your chances not many folks out there .Winter they Expect peak campers  and the road is really taken care of in the peak season and many tow RVs in it to LDMA s camp it can have wash out problems in heavy rain but most times its good quite .Its an unforgettable ride in with just great wide open views lots of wildlife and free range cattle along the way next post will be on the other end of he road the mining ghost towns Stanton Octave and some pictures of the mining in the washes .

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