Friday, January 8, 2016

The Desert and the wildlife here grows on you if your here for a while. This is across the street from my house I hike through the desert every day its become a good friend I find beauty in it . Its full of life too the pole in front of the cactus is the dirt road I live in I am right in the desert the mountains you see extend north these here are the foothills across the street right behind these the mountains get big and rugged here it starts and extends a major part of the gold belt right through San Domingo wash Wickenburg up through the weavers all the way across black Caynon cave creek and north of there all the way up to Colorado. I always been an outdoor person hiker and a back packer .My father was a nature documentary lover so I grew up watching 10,000 of them lol with a lets say drilled in knowledge of the desert its animals. I have seen some really cool wildlife since moving here even was thrilled with the mountain loin tracks close to the house that is all right by me I am the intruder here he was living around here first I love knowing there out there this is his home .See coyotes lots of road runners I saw a big Gila monster up by octave mine of course there slow moving and pretty docile guys checked him out took some pictures as long as you do not try to pick him up or mess with him there mellow if you leave then alone if he was to bite you will never get him off your finger .They have no interest in biting most of the time just wander off slowly . Roads Runners are always running across Stanton road on the way in to Stanton we always burst out laughing when one runs there pretty funny to watch. Eagles everywhere thats open range up there too so watch out for cattle all the way through you will notice the cattle guards you will have to drive over .As far as the rattle snakes go yes sir we have more types  of rattlesnakes here 18 different species more than any other state . BUT YOU AND THE SNAKE ARE GOING TO BOTH  HAVE A GOOD DAY here is how to insure that those things your most important tool your  eyes USE THEM ! always look at the ground out front you always want to be able to see where your hands go and where your feet are going stay out away from bushes and rocks to you know for sure nothing is behind them. Respect them if you see one leave him alone and he will leave you alone most guys get bit trying to mess with them there important to the environment and really your chances of getting bit are very small if you just be alert and relax your pretty safe I hike and prospect all the time in the summer I stay out of dangerous areas I cant see in like prickly pear clumps in the shade is where they will be most of you guys will be coming out in the winter to prospect and the snakes will be in hibernation  nov through march april
the two snakes most common up around stanton and the claims the green mohave rattlesnake and western diamond back pretty much dont see many but you know just be alert nothing to worry about if you watch where your going.

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